Welcome to Python Package Template’s documentation!

This is an opinionated attempt to document how I deploy a python application with documentation, testing, pypi, and continuous deployment. This project will be updated as I change my python development practices. Number one this is a learning experience.

This project is a python package itself and full documentation is available on readthedocs. Each of the steps below includes a link to the section in the documentation.

  1. setup a bare python package with git repo (setup.py, README.md, .gitignore, <package>)
  2. setup pypi deployment with git tags vX.X.X
  3. setup conda deployment with git tags vX.X.X
  4. setup docker deployment with git tags vX.X.X
  5. setup testing on each commit with pytest
  6. setup documentation with sphinx on readthedocs and self hosted
  7. setup command line interface with argparse
  8. setup badges for README.md

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